Genesys Source Framework

Genesys Source Framework is a pre-setup full-stack Free .NET solution that houses your reusable business objects, such as CustomerInfo...centralizing your objects for cross-platform reusability and CRUD operations. Works with your existing SQL tables, and allows you to incrementally upgrade your custom software page at a time.

Your business objects and screen models, such as CustomerInfo and CustomerModel, will reside in a central solution. Apps can now use your business objects for CRUD to SQL and CRUD to HTTP, like:

customer.Read(x => x.FirstName == "John")


customer.Create(), customer.Update() and customer.Delete()



 + Reusable data access objects eliminate duplication  + Reusable code requires less attention as it settles
 + Less code means less maintenance and faster runtime  + Fewer changes reduces breaking-changes in your app